Vision - Polyter®
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revolutionizes agriculture

Polyter® as an economic factor

The shortage of water, and not the lack of land, as one would think, will be in the coming years the main constraint on Agriculture, 70% of all water used each year in the world goes irrigation produces 30 to 40% of global crops on 17% of all arable land. Polyter is a new efficient management practice of our water heritage and participating in integrated projects for sustainable development and environmental protection, including in the process a social and economic aspect.

Polyter® as a political factor

The world is suffering from bloody conflicts because of the scarcity of water in some areas. Polyter, thanks to its impressive water savings comes as a response to these issues for better water management to ensure food security.

Polyter® as human factor.

While the invention has taken place, it is to share it with the greatest number of men and women worldwide. Polyter® was established for 20 years and in over 70 countries! Today we have the real answer, to increase food security.

 Polyter® re-enchants the land