Polyter – HYDRO retainer FERTILIZER

Polyter is an innovative product, universal and high performance. This is an advanced technology: Activator growth, hydro-retentive, fertilizer and naturally degradable, concentrated optimizing inputs, a homeopathy plant service.


It saves at least 50 to 80% of water consumption.

It increases the acreage decreasing water intake.

Is used on all types of soils, crops and in all climates


It accelerates the crop cycles of 1, 5 to 3 times.
It multiplied by 3 to 5 times the development of root hairs.
It reduces fertilizer of consumption from 30 to 50%.
IT promotes germination, recovery and development of the plant.
It optimizes performance, quality and keeping production


It protects the environment and groundwater

It stabilizes, loosens soil and humus restructures

It has an effective life of 3 to 5 years

The mode of action

a membrane enables a very rapid liquid absorption and restitution by osmotic pressure of the root mass in nodulated Polyter®.

Incorporating graft NPK elements and trace elements, granule absorb 160 to 500 times its initial dry weight depending on the quality of water. It saves at least 50% water and 30% of fertilizer inputs. There is a reservoir for release in soil is infinitesimal. Polyter is a water-retentive fertilizer with a high capacity optimization needs and development of plants, which will be slowly released in very small amounts according to local parameters (temperature, evaporation and type of plant) Nodules are truly related to roots, accompanying by gravity effect in their growth, up to 95% of the water extracted nodules. The duration of the system varies from 3 to 5 years depending on the nature of the soil.

Effects on Plants

Polyter increases root mass by 3 to 5 times

Growth is faster

Polyter multiplies plant development cycles by 1, 5 to 3 times

It increases yields and optimizes the quality of agricultural production

The crop cycle of the plant is shortened, thus accelerating fruiting.

It reinforces the natural resistance to diseases and microbial attacks

It reduces the consumption of inputs by fertilizing from 30 to 50%.

It amplifies the production of humus and dry matter

Effects on soil and biodegradability

Decompacting and soil porosity improvement

Aeration of the soil, acting as a true “synthetic earthworm”.

Soil stabilization and fixation

Restructuring of humus

Reduction of losses through evaporation and percolation

Two keys to degradation: the number of bacteria contained in the soil and U.V. if the Polyter is found on the surface

Reducing the negative effects of leaching on soil structure

Environmental and groundwater protection

Increase in earthworms

Meet all compliance requirements and use

All security measures object one makes an SDS and studies and COFRAC Accredited Analyzes (INOVALYS Laboratory, under accreditation N ° 1-5755, Scope available on www.cofrac.fr) certified proving the safety of the technology  Polyter®





Regarding agricultural production of products intended for food use, operators are asked to bring administrative bodies or company PODG development or distributors in place to ensure the registration of Polyter under their activity in their country of practice.